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edTPA is a student teacher performance assessment developed by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE).  edTPA evaluates candidate readiness in three areas: planning, implementation, and assessment. Candidates learn these knowledge and skills as they progress through program coursework. edTPA serves as the student teaching capstone project and is content-specific.

edTPA at UNC Charlotte: A Report of edTPA Data from Fall 2014-Spring 2016

edTPA passing scores - updated 7/7/2016

Per legislative action and NC State Board of Education policy, successful completion of edTPA will become a state licensure requirement beginning in AY 2019-20. Any candidate completing student teaching in fall 2019 or later will have to earn a minimum qualifying score on edTPA in order to be recommended for teacher licensure.

Between now and fall 2019, while edTPA is not currently required for a licensure recommendation at UNC Charlotte, it is required as the capstone project for the student teaching course. Therefore, all candidates enrolled in a student teaching course or completing student teaching for licensure are currently required to create and submit an edTPA product for official scoring.

Official qualifying scores will be established in summer 2018. In the meantime, in order to assess candidate proficiency on edTPA at UNC Charlotte, "passing" edTPA is currently defined with the criteria in the table below. Project scores are then converted into a project grade, which is used in calculating the final student teaching course grade. A final student teaching grade of "A" or "B" is required for a licensure recommendation.

Once official scores are established by the NC State Board of Education and the NC Department of Public Instruction in summer 2018, this chart will be updated.

Content Area

Number of Rubrics Scored

Required Passing edTPA Score currently at UNC Charlotte*

Rubric Average

Elementary Education




Foreign Language




All other content areas, including Middle Grades, Secondary, Special Education, SPEL (Special Education and Elementary Dual), B-K, TESL, and all Arts areas




*Note: passing scores will be updated in summer 2018 to reflect NC requirements. 


General edTPA Implementation Information


Using Taskstream - Finding your enrollment code and uploading student work


For additional information, including edTPA due dates, visit http://www.edtpa.com.