Assessment System


Assessment System 
Q & A

Q:  What is an assessment system and its purpose in higher education?

A:  Assessment systems are organized around the primary purpose of improving student learning. Our assessment systems provide useful information about whether our candidates have reached important learning goals and about the progress of each candidate in their programs.  SPECIFICALLY, Taskstream provides us with data for program improvement and accreditation


Q:  What is Taskstream?  

A:  Taskstream is the name of the assessment system we use to collect data and assess student progress in the College of Education.  Please visit our website for detailed information on how to log in, submit assignments, and other how-to information. 


Q:  How do I know when my program will be using Taskstream to submit assignments, and why were those specific assignments chosen?

A:  Please visit our website and select your department's chart under the "Department Guides" section which will tell you in what class within each program you will be submitting assignments in Taskstream.  These assignments were chosen as collection points in a program that align with accreditation standards and show us student progress.


Q:  If I am to use Taskstream throughout my program, how often does the College of Education collect these data and why?

A:  The Office of Assessment collects data on our students from Taskstream every semester because information on accountability and improvement comes from regular, continuing work and assessment of students.


Q:  (Faculty)  When is data pulled, and what is the last day I can evaluate my student's grades in each semester?

A:  Please note, that grading in Taskstream MUST be completed the day after grades are due.  For this school year:

  • Fall 2016:  Grades are due December 19, 2016 by noon; therefore, Taskstream evaluations must be completed by end of day on December 20, 2015.
  • Spring 2017:  Grades are due May 15, 2017 by noon; therefore, Taskstream evaluations must be completed by end of day on May 16, 2017.
  • Fall 2017: Grades are due December 18, 2017 by noon; therefore, Taskstream evaluations must be completed by end of day on December 19, 2017

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